Pay Attention To These Things When Looking At Rustic Vacation Cabins For Sale

21 October 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

In some ways, buying a rustic vacation cabin is easier than buying a home. You don't have to worry about what school district the cabin is in or whether the laundry room is big enough for your family. However, there are some things that are very important to pay attention to when looking at rustic cabins for sale.

The Roof

It's easy to overlook the importance of a cabin roof since it tends to be a much simpler structure than the roof on a standard home. But just as in a standard home, a leaky roof can quickly ruin a cabin. Give the roof a good look-over, both from the outside and from the inside. If you see any moldy spots, rotten spots, or evidence of leaks, arrange to have a roofer come and give their opinion before you make an offer on the cabin.

Heating Options

Most rustic cabins are not heated with a standard furnace or boiler, but if you plan on using the cabin in the winter, there must be some heating option. Check whether the cabin has a wood stove or a pellet stove, or whether there is a propane heater included. If none of these heating options are included, determine if you would be able to add one. Is there a good space where you could put a propane heater? Is there room to vent a wood stove out one wall? You may not want to buy a rustic cabin with plans to stay in the winter and then learn there's no good way to heat it.


Make sure you will be able to access the cabin when you want to. Is there a clear driveway, or do you need to ride an ATV for a portion of the drive up to the cabin? Are the roads to the cabin plowed in the wintertime? You could add driveways where there are none, but that can be costly, so you'll want to factor that cost in before buying a cabin with limited accessibility.

Bank Approval

Since cabins do not always meet all of the standard building codes, not all banks will give you a mortgage to buy a cabin. You may have to take out a personal loan or buy the cabin in cash. If you do find a cabin you're interested in, have a bank appraiser come take a look and let you know what your best option is.

If you pay attention to these factors, you're more likely to end up buying not just a cabin, but the right cabin. For more infotmion about cabin real estate, contact a real estate agent.