Perks And Pitfalls Of Rural Family Homes For Sale - Are You Better Off In The City?

9 September 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Is rural life for you, or would you be better suited to a family home for sale in the city? Take a look at the perks and pitfalls of rural living to help you decide as a prospective homebuyer. 

Perk: Rural settings usually involve fewer neighbors. 

Pitfall: Rural settings usually involve fewer neighbors. 

Yes, this aspect of a home in the country can be viewed as either a perk or a pitfall—it really does depend on who you are and what you prefer. If you like a life of solitude and privacy with no one to wave at, no one peeking over a fence, and no neighborhood kids trekking through your lawn, you'll probably be perfectly content in a family home in the country. However, if you enjoy having neighbors in close enough proximity to borrow a cup of sugar, chit-chat as needed, and so your kids have neighbor kids to play with, you may be better off in the city. 

Perk: Rural family homes for sale can have more room for gardening, pets, and outdoor activity. 

Pitfall: Rural family homes can require more property maintenance. 

Family homes for sale in country settings usually have a nice little (or large) plot of land to go with the house. In an urban area, a nice, sizable yard can be harder to come by. While added space is great if you want a vegetable garden, room for a swingset, and space for the dog to run, the added land also means more property to maintain and costs for upkeep. Of course, you can find a healthy balance that fits your budget by finding a rural home without a huge plot of land. But if you'd prefer not to mow or pay for mowing, don't want trees to trim, and would rather have less to tend to, you may be better off in the city. 

Perk: A rural family home can deliver a life away from city noise. 

Pitfall: Rural life can involve more time on the road. 

One thing most people want when they make their way to family homes for sale outside of city limits is peace and quiet. Rural areas are usually defined as the land seated outside of the main city boundaries, so you definitely get a nice level of distance between your family and city noise. However, this placement can also mean you spend more time on the road to get to work, the grocery store, your child's school, etcetera. If you feel you could deal with noise because you don't like driving a few miles every time you need to get somewhere, you may be better off in the city. 

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