Should You Sell Your House With An Outdated Kitchen?

13 December 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If the time has come where you want to sell your house to upgrade, downsize, or relocate to a new house, you might have questions about whether you should sell your house the way it is or if you should remodel your kitchen. When a kitchen is really outdated, it can make selling a house a little more challenging, so you should think through the following four things as you decide how to proceed.

It may reduce buyer interest

You should understand that if you decide to sell with an outdated kitchen, it could reduce buyer interest. This means that selling your house with the kitchen as-is could lead to a decrease in buyer pool. A lot of people do not want homes that need any type of work, especially kitchen remodeling work. When people like this view homes and see that certain rooms, primarily the kitchen or bathrooms, are outdated, they will often pass through these listings and move on to others that are not in the type of condition where they need work.

You could offer money for the remodel

If you are worried that your outdated kitchen will make it harder to sell your house, you could always put a posting in your listing that offers money towards the remodel. If you do this, it is important to keep your listing price higher than you think it should be, as you will need to come up with money out of your pocket to pay for the credit towards to the buyer for the kitchen remodel.

You could consider updating it first

You also have the option of updating your kitchen before listing your home. If you choose this option, you would need the cash to pay for the updates, but choosing this option could increase the buyer pool interested in your house and could speed up the sale. It could also result in receiving a higher dollar amount offer for your home.

You should compare the selling price of both options

It is important to consider all the options you have in this situation before you make a decision. Any option you choose could have potential benefits and risks, but one option might be better than the other for you. Talking to a real estate agent about whether to sell your house with an outdated kitchen or to remodel is a good step to take as you make this decision.

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