3 Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home A Year Before Getting Ready To Sell

4 December 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you've been worried about how old your home is or how long it's been since you remodeled it, it could be a good time to make some updates when you have the intention to sell. When your plan is to sell the house in a year or so, it's best to get started right away with remodeling, since some projects can come with a lot of work.

Instead of choosing just any updates, consider the difference that the following three remodeling projects can make for your home.

Prioritize an Open Layout

One of the most desired qualities people want in a home is having an open layout. Instead of having people avoid your home due to a closed-off layout, look into doing remodeling work that can help open up your home.

Knocking down walls, brightening up the interior, and making a few other changes can help your home appear much larger and allow you to avoid any issues where your home feels small.

Finish the Basement

When the intention is to add the most value to your home, it's best to finish up the basement if it's been left bare or used for storage. Having an extra living space underneath your home can mean a lot more square footage, as well as opportunities for an extra bedroom, game room, or other rooms for your home.

A finished basement is often a priority for many homebuyers, making it a project you should not skip when you want to do remodeling and are worried about the difference that an unfinished basement can make when you get ready to sell your home.

Insist on Hardwood Flooring

Another option for adding a lot more value to your home is to have hardwood flooring installed if you currently have another type of flooring that could be undesirable to buyers. If you already have hardwood flooring, getting it refinished can make a big improvement in the way that the flooring looks so that buyers are more interested in your home once you've listed it for sale.

Making some changes to your home before listing it can help add a lot of value to your home and prevent your home from being difficult to sell. With the impact that some changes can make, the above projects should all be considered so that you're not losing money on the remodeling work and so that you get more interested buyers. For more information about residential real estate, reach out to an agent.