Moving To A Gated Community Could Make You Feel Safer In Your Home

14 October 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If home security is becoming an increasing concern because you're reaching retirement age or because you have young kids, then consider the benefits of moving to a gated community. Gated community homes are sometimes upscale and expensive, but you can find affordable home communities too, and some communities even have age restrictions. Here's how a gated community can help you feel more secure.

You'll Have Fewer Strangers Approach Your Property

Gated communities have different levels of security, but one thing they have in common is keeping out people who don't live there or work on the grounds. This means you'll have fewer strangers knocking on your door and prowling the neighborhood, which can increase your feelings of safety. Gated communities often have additional safety measures too, such as video surveillance and security patrols. The presence of a gated entrance may be enough to keep vandals and criminals out of the community.

You Can Choose Your Level Of Security

Gated communities can work in a couple of ways. One method uses codes that open the gates. This is the less secure option, but it might be more convenient for you if you have family and friends that visit often. You can give the code to others so they can get through the gate. However, others in your community can give codes out too. This makes the gate less secure since not only friends and family have the codes, but contractors and delivery drivers have the codes and could potentially share them with unsavory people.

The most secure option is a gated community with a guard at the gatehouse. You'll probably have a card so you can open the gate by yourself for convenience, but everyone that doesn't have a card has to stop at the gate and be checked in. This ensures no one comes on the property without having a valid reason for being there. While this level of security may make you feel safer in your home and feel like you're making things safer for your kids, it could inconvenience your friends who come to visit since they'll have to be approved for entry first.

Buying a gated community home doesn't guarantee there will be no crime in the neighborhood, but it will reduce the risk. When you look into various gated communities, be sure to ask about the crime rate in the neighborhood. If it's nonexistent or very low, that's a good indication the gated system is doing a good job keeping the residents safe.

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