A Pet-Friendly Apartment Makes Life For You And Your Pets More Enjoyable

12 May 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you have pets or think you might get a pet in the future, then you should seek out pet-friendly apartments when you're ready to move. This is important since some apartments don't allow pets, and you may get thrown out if you try to hide yours. Plus, some people may seek out apartment complexes that don't allow pets because they have pet allergies or just don't like having animals around, and you might run into problems with neighbors.

The best solution for everyone is to move into an apartment complex that allows animals and has people living there that have animals too. Here are some things to know about moving into a pet-friendly apartment.

Some Pets May Not Be Allowed

Just because an apartment complex allows pets, it doesn't mean every pet is welcome. Some breeds, especially those prone to be aggressive, may be prohibited.

There might also be a size or weight limit on the pets you can have that would restrict you to having a cat or lap dog. In addition, you may be limited to the number of pets you can have in the apartment.

You May Need To Pay A Pet Deposit

It's common to pay a pet deposit so that the apartment can be cleaned thoroughly when you move out. The pet deposit may not be refundable even if you leave the apartment in good shape. The deposit may apply to each pet, so you'll want to keep this expense in mind when you're planning to move.

You Might Want A Black Light Inspection

If the apartment complex uses a black light inspection to look for urine stains after you move out of the apartment to determine damage, then you may want to have a black light inspection done before you move in and document it on video.

Black light inspections can be unreliable since the stain could have been made before you moved in, and the light might pick up things other than animal urine. The best way to keep from being blamed for a stain is to have an inspection done before you move in.

Another thing you may want to consider when choosing an apartment when you have a pet is whether the grounds are suitable for pets. If you have a dog, you'll need to walk the dog a few times a day, and a complex with nice walking trails or a dog run would make life more enjoyable for your dog and more convenient for you.