Want To Live In A Walkable Neighborhood? 4 Things To Demand When Buying A Home

24 October 2018
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

While living in a rental, you always have the freedom to move whenever your lease ends. But buying a home means making a longer commitment, so you will want to make sure the house has everything that your family needs. While some people are comfortable with driving almost everywhere they go, your family may be determined to live in a walkable neighborhood.

To buy a home that meets this requirement, you will need to find real estate for sale with the right qualities.


When you start looking at neighborhoods, you should prioritize ones with sidewalks everywhere. Being forced to walk on the street leads to an increased risk of injury from a car collision. You will feel better about going on walks or having your kids walk to school with paved sidewalks.

Another factor to consider is the sidewalk upkeep because you want to avoid a situation in which you must walk on a damaged sidewalk that can lead to tripping if you are not careful.


Being close to schools is ideal because you will not have to worry about going on a long drive to take your children to school. In some neighborhoods, you may be able to find a home that is close enough to a school that you can walk to with your child while they are young. As they get older, you can let them start walking on their own or with their friends who also go to the same school.


While you can drive for entertainment purposes, you may like the idea of living in a neighborhood with a park that is close enough to walk to at any time. This will make it possible for your kids to head out to the park to play sports or spend time with friends after school or on the weekends.


Finding a home with a quick walk to a grocery store is great because it prevents you from having to get in your vehicle to go shopping. If you happen to forget to grab something at the store or you only need one item to complete a recipe, you can get to the store in a matter of minutes. Other places that you will benefit from having close by include a post office and pharmacy.

Finding a home in a walkable neighborhood is not a challenge when you are willing to put in time and effort to analyze the properties that meet all the other needs of your family.