Buy Or Build? The Big Question For Prospective Tiny Home Dwellers

28 June 2018
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

The tiny house movement is in full swing in the United States, and it is for good reason. Lowered carbon footprint, lower costs of living, and lower property taxes make the tiny house life absolutely desirable in the eyes of many. So much so, that 19 percent of people asked say they would seriously consider transitioning into a tiny home, according to If you are one of these people, the big question comes up when you start looking at making the change: should you buy a tiny house already built or should you build your own? Here are a few things you should know to help you decide. 

Buying a tiny house already built may mean buying land first. 

It is not very difficult to find tiny houses for sale; there are all kinds of companies making these homes available to prospective buyers. However, what you will have a hard time finding is a tiny house that is already situated on a piece of land. Therefore, if you do decide to buy an already-built tiny house, what you will also have to shop for is a piece of real estate to situate the house on once it is yours. 

Building a tiny house on property you already own may not be easy. 

Some properties have restrictions on them that state any structure built for residential purposes has to be a certain size. Additionally, some properties have restrictions that state there are to be no mobile homes on the property, and most tiny homes are not attached to a solid foundation. Even if you already own property and plan to build a tiny house on it, it is critical that you closely examine your deed for any restrictions that could potentially hinder your plans. 

Buying a tiny house already built means finding a specializing real estate agent. 

Just like there are realtors who specialize in luxury homes and commercial properties, there are now realtors who specialize in helping buyers find a tiny home. Because there are so few of these properties already out there ready to move into, the real estate agents tend to work on a larger scale instead of dealing with only more localized properties in a specific area. If you need help buying an empty lot to build your own tiny home, these agents can also help you find what you need for that purpose just the same.