Should You List Your Home And Buy A Home With The Same Agent?

30 May 2018
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are selling your home, chances are that you are also intending to buy one; maybe at the same time or in the near future.Should you use the same real estate agent for both transactions, or should you have one to handle the sale and a different one for the purchase? Here are some pros and cons for using the same agent versus using different agents.



You may get discounts if you choose to use the same agent for selling and buying. However, note that such discounts are not automatic. You have to negotiate for them.


Using the same agent is convenient as you have fewer people to manage and fewer schedules to harmonize.

If you've already built a rapport with your agent, it makes sense to continue with the same agent rather than risk a new agent you are not sure about. Your current agent is also most likely familiar with your needs and budget.



If you are thinking of relocating, say to a different state or neighborhood, your real estate agent may not be very familiar with the new neighborhood, and that may cause you to be short-changed. They may not be familiar with the homes for sale in the new neighborhood. In such a case, it makes sense to get a different agent for the new location.

On the other hand, an agent who knows the area will have insider knowledge of homes for sale. As a result you they will find you a home faster.


Don't assume that all real estate agents have the same competence. What does your agent specialize in? Some agents focus more on buying while others are more specialized in selling.

It may be better for you to get an agent who specializes in the kind of transaction you want to make: either selling or buying.


There is also the possibility that an agent who's handling both a purchase and a sale may focus too much on one side and neglect the other. They may neglect or omit important details, and that can be costly.

If you are buying and selling a home at the same time, you have the option of sticking to the same agent. However, make sure they know your new neighborhood well and that they have the competence to handle both a purchase and a sale.

On the other hand, choosing a different agent will give you better quality service and attention, but you have to contend with the headache of dealing with an extra person.