Save Money When Buying A Home By Avoiding Luxurious Features

3 December 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

While you can buy a home without a down payment, you may have spent a long time making sure you have enough to cover 20% of the total home price to avoid private mortgage insurance. You may also want to save money in other ways to minimize your total living expenses.

While the city and neighborhood will play a huge role in how much a property costs, you should also look to avoid certain luxurious features that you do not need in your home.

Exotic Lumber Craftmanship

Although you may love to look at homes with exotic lumber craftsmanship, you can do without this feature. Depending on the type of wood, a wooden picket fence can range anywhere from $3 to $30 per linear foot, which means the exotic woods cost a substantial amount of money.

You may find exotic wood for flooring, cabinets, baseboards, and crown molding. Although it may be hard to tell whether a home has exotic wood based on the looks, you should be able to gather more information after reading the online description and talking with the home's realtor.

Bath and Shower

Another area where you can go without luxury is in the bathroom. A bath and shower combo functions well in any home and provides you with enough space to be comfortable whether you are taking a bath or shower. But, you will find homes with jetted tubs and walk-in showers.

You should have an easy time looking at properties without these qualities, but prioritizing large bathrooms will allow you to add these upgrades in the future if you end up wanting them. This will prevent you from needing to buy another home to enjoy luxurious features later.

Tall Ceilings

Homes with tall ceilings look open and have better opportunities to bring in light because there is extra space for large windows that are high up where sunlight easily gets into the home. But, you can still illuminate a house with standard windows and ceilings in a home. This means you should prioritize homes for sale with regular height ceilings to avoid overspending.

Home Automation

Modern technology has brought automation features into homes, especially newer ones. The great thing is that you can buy a home without them and then add them in the future. So, you will find it best to skip central air systems and security systems that you control on your phone.

While luxurious features are nice, you will save the most money by focusing on functionality over convenience and high-end looks when you go house hunting.