Pros And Cons Of A Weeknight Open House

28 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

It's common for real estate open houses to take place on weekends. Saturday and Sunday afternoons, for example, are times that many agents target for these events. If you're selling your home and are beginning to think about having an open house, you may wish to schedule it for the weekend. However, there's no harm in thinking a little outside the box, too, and thinking about a shorter open house on a weeknight. While weekend events might last three hours, for example, an hour-long open house during the week can be worth considering. Here are some pros and cons of going this route:

Pro: There's Less Competition

When you have an open house scheduled for the weekend, there may be some people who are interested but are unable to attend because they're going to other open houses. This can leave you with fewer people at your event that you'd ideally like. However, this won't be the case with a weeknight open house. Although people may have other things on the go, weeknight open houses are relatively rare, and this means that anyone who is interested will likely be able to attend.

Con: Can Be Challenging For Families

If your house is ideal for a young family, this type of buyer might not be able to attend your weeknight open house. For example, if a family has two children in school, weeknight evenings can be busy — especially if the kids need to get to bed promptly. A young family may be too busy with getting dinner, spending some time with the children, and then getting them bathed and ready for bed to attend your open house.

Pro: It's Less Of A Hassle For You

A three-hour open house on the weekend can be a bit of a disruption for you. Given that you typically want to be out of the house during this span, you may be annoyed with vacating the house on one of your few days of the week at home. While you can sometimes run errands or enjoy other activities, the idea of leaving your house for an afternoon on the weekend can get old in a hurry. With a short weeknight open house, going out isn't as much of a hassle — perhaps you can go out for dinner, for example, or schedule the open house when your children are playing sports.

Con: Darkness Is Less Than Ideal

People appreciate open houses when it's light outside, as they can better assess the house and the yard. With a weeknight open house, it may not always be light enough. For example, this will work out in the summer, but in the winter when it's already dark by dinnertime in many areas, this may not be appealing to some prospective buyers.

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