New To Homesteading Or Farming? 4 Rules For Buying The Best Parcel Of Farm Land

23 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Whether you are searching for a homestead location or plan to operate a farming operation for profit, the first step is always to purchase the best possible parcel of land for your needs. Those who are new to farming or homesteading, however, often struggle with trying to decide which parcel will best suit their needs. If you are planning to start a farm or homestead and want to simplify the process, the following four tips can help you get started. 

Ensure the soil will support the intended use

The most important part of any farm or homestead is the soil. No matter whether the intended usage is producing small quantities of meat, milk, and eggs for family use or producing large volumes of crops or food to sell, the level of success enjoyed will depend on whether the soil quality and type is supportive of the operation. When considering the purchase of any parcel of farm land, take time to gather and test soil samples before making your purchase offer. 

Verify water quality and availability

In addition to the soil, water quality and availability will have a huge bearing on any farm's success. When considering any purchase of farm land, buyers should always take time to verify: 

  • details about any water wells, including depth, age, source of underground water, and quality
  • information about any existing water rights, irrigation agreements, or access to shared water sources
  • type, size, and quality of any existing springs, ponds, or lakes on the property 

It can also be helpful to review past rainfall and drought records for each property, especially when considering the purchase of land in an unfamiliar area. 

Determine potential for future expansion

Another important factor to consider when purchasing farm land for the first time is whether there is potential for future expansion. Parcels that are surrounded by incorporated areas or residential developments may make it difficult to expand a growing farm. If possible, consider choosing farm land that is located in a more rural area that will help make future expansion possible.

Work with an agent who specializes in listing and selling farm properties

Competition for the best parcels of farm land is always fierce. New farmers and homesteaders who want to increase their odds of finding and purchasing the best parcels should begin the process by partnering with an agent, such as from Whitaker Marketing Group, who specializes in the listing and selling of farm property. These agents will be an excellent source of local knowledge that will help new farmers and homesteaders enjoy greater success.