Tips For Selling A Home As-Is

16 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If your home has some major issues that need to be fixed, you could try selling it "as-is" if you want to get rid of it. Selling a house as-is can be the best solution, as it tells buyers that the home has some flaws and that you are not willing to fix them. Here are several tips to keep in mind if you are considering taking this route.

What "As-Is" Means

A house that is listed as-is means that the seller is selling the house just as it sits. The seller is not willing to perform any work on the house, and the seller is admitting the house needs some work. When a home is in good condition, the owner would not sell it as an as-is sale; there would be no reason to.

What You Must Still Disclose

When selling a house as-is, you are not off the hook with filling out a full-disclosure form. Anytime a person sells a house, they must fill out a full-disclosure form. This form asks you to list the condition of all the important systems and components of your house. You must legally tell the truth as you fill out this form, even if you are selling your house as-is.

No matter what, the person buying your house has the right to know what is wrong with the house before they purchase it, and writing down everything you know about the house is a great way to inform the person buying your house.

Why You Might Want to Get It Inspected Before Selling It

If you want to protect yourself when selling your house as-is, you might want to consider hiring a home inspector. By doing this, you can find out for sure what is wrong with the house. You can also show the report to any potential buyers. By doing this, you are showing that you willingly admit that the house has problems, and you are offering to show the buyers exactly what problems the home inspector found when evaluating your home's condition.

This could also save the buyer money, because he or she could skip getting a home inspection because you already had one completed.

The best thing you can do when selling a house as-is is to let potential buyers know exactly what they are getting if they buy your house. If you have questions about selling your home, talk to a real estate agent today.