Finding Homes To Fit Tech Lifestyles

15 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Choosing a new home can involve a lot more than decor or the right number of rooms. If you're a tech professional or hobbyist, you need to make sure that enough services and shopping opportunities are nearby. Here are a few amenities that can keep you up to date with the latest tech to consider as you look for a new home.

Tech Services And Hobby Centers

You need to be able to get repairs for your devices near your home, or at least be able to get parts for yourself without waiting on deliveries. Look for homes that are near shopping areas that have decent tech stores, and consider towns that have decent tech workshops, conventions, and other events.

As far as shopping, you're limited to the creativity of a small number of hobby shops and the stock of big box tech retailers. If you're lucky, there are a few computer repair shops nearby in addition to retailers such as Best Buy, allowing you to get advice on what to purchase while having some options for installation or special orders.

If you're into 3D printing or need rapid prototyping for work, you're alive at a great time. 3D printing has taken off in cities across America, and it's not difficult to find a few cities in every state that have 3D printing services or workshops for people who want to share 3D printing equipment.

Internet Service Competition

Whether you work as an internet streaming personality, need to connect to a video conference for work, or simply don't want to wait on buffering and failed videos on sites like Netflix, you need decent internet options.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have set tiers of service plans, and each plan has different numbers for upload, download, and sometimes a maximum traffic cap. When there's a problem, you can call your ISP for a fix to a solution, change your plan, or go to another company if you're not satisfied.

If your ISP is the only company in your area, your options are limited. Internet is a utility that is vital to many careers and school studies, and ISPs are fully aware of when their customers are in a monopoly area.

ISPs have less incentive to deliver better services or fix your problems quickly. The industry at large isn't so bad, but there are times when certain cities or specific communities have to deal with poor performance because there's no reason for companies to spend money on a problem until the systems are completely broken.

Search for neighborhoods with more than one ISP offering similar speed tiers. Don't reject an ISP just because of a bad experience in one city; ISPs should be uniform and organized, but the simple reality is that every region is run by a different staff that can perform at different quality levels.

Contact a real estate agent and bring up your tech requirements to discuss homes for sale that meet your needs.