Impress Your Client During The Home Inspection In This Manner

14 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

As a realtor, the work that you do for your buyer client isn't over when the house is conditionally sold barring a home inspection. Although you're close to everything being finalized, you'll attend the home inspection with your client and a licensed inspector. This isn't a time to just sit back and feel as though your work is done. Rather, the manner in which you act during the home inspection can help or hurt your reputation. Remember, if the inspection fails, the client will still need you to find him or her a house to buy — and you want the client to have faith in your ability to do so. Here are some ways to impress the client during a home inspection:

Come Prepared To Help

You might wear a suit on most days, but a home inspection isn't a time to dress in this manner. A suit can send a message that you're simply a spectator who cannot get his or her hands dirty, and this isn't the image that you want to project. Instead, wear clothing that is appropriate — boots or shoes, jeans, and an informal shirt can all be valuable. Don't worry about looking unprofessional for your client. As soon as you begin to lend a hand with the inspection, it will be clear why you're dressed this way.

Jump Right In

Technically, a home inspector doesn't usually need someone to help him or her. However, an agent who is quick to assist the home inspector shows his or her client that he or she is still working hard on this phase of the real estate transaction. Instead of standing back, get busy however you can. It could be something such as grabbing the ladder off the inspector's truck and setting it up, getting down on your hands and knees and holding a flashlight while the inspector checks out something in the basement, or something similar.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge

A home inspection can be a bit of a whirlwind for a house buyer, especially if this is the first time that he or she has been through this process. Act as an information source throughout the inspection by constantly explaining to your client what the inspector is doing and what he or she is hoping to find. While the inspector will also be able to provide these details, he or she is hard at work — and your ability to show yourself as highly knowledgeable about the inspection goes a long way toward impressing your client.