3 Major Benefits Of Buying A Split-Floor Plan Home

13 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are interested in starting your search for the perfect home to buy, have you considered looking for a home with a split-floor plan? A split-floor plan is a house where the bedrooms are divided on both sides of the house. Typically, the master bedroom is on one side of the house and the other two or three bedrooms are on the other side. If you haven't yet looked at homes like this, here are three major benefits they offer.

Privacy for the Parents

When a family has kids, the parents often like having privacy, and this is more feasible and manageable with a split-floor plan house. With this style of home, you can be on your own side of the house, and your kids will be on the other side.

In addition to giving you privacy, you can also offer more privacy to overnight guests. If you frequently have overnight guests, this is the perfect arrangement for them. They will feel like they have their own space while they are there, and you can also have your own space on your side of the home.  

Better Accommodations for Different Schedules and Habits

A split-floor plan can also be very helpful if your family members have different schedules and habits. For example, if you work the midnight shift and have to sleep during the day, you may have a better chance of sleeping successfully this if your room is alone on one side of the house.

It can also be nice if you have teenagers in the house who stay up late at night blaring music. This music could prevent you from sleeping if you had a room right by the teen's room.

The Space Is More Efficiently Designed

When all the bedrooms of a home are located on one side of the house, the home will usually have more hallways. While hallways are not necessarily a bad thing, they are not usable space. In fact, hallways are often considered wasted space. With a split-floor plan, there are usually fewer hallways, which means the space in your home will be more efficient. You will have more livable space and less wasted space.

These are three major benefits offered with split-floor plan homes, but there are probably other benefits, too. If you would like to shop for a split-floor plan home, contact a real estate agent today to get started searching for the right single family houses for sale.