Steps You Don't Want To Skip When Selling Your Home

10 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

As soon as you come to the conclusion that it's time to put your house on the market and move elsewhere, you want to come up with a game plan and make sure you don't skip some important steps along the way. Here are 3 steps to go through so you will have a better home selling experience.

1: Prepare your home

You want to receive a good price for your home. This means you want to put in some sweat and maybe even a little money to make the home worth the price you would like to get for it. Have a landscaper come out to tear out any old eyesore bushes, trees, weeds and more.

Rip out and replace any carpeting that is looking and/or smelling bad. Repaint any parts of the house where the paint isn't in good condition or is outdated. Replace any broken light fixtures, light switches, ceiling fans, doors, windows, cupboard doors, cupboard or drawer handles, faucets, porch steps, broken mirrors, broken tiles or anything else that can be easily removed and replaced.

While someone may not come right into the house and think, "Oh wow, they put in some new cupboard doors", they would definitely think, "Oh wow, even the cupboard drawers are broken and they didn't even put the little effort in to fix them first."

2: Prepare the exterior space

When it comes to your yard, driveway, sidewalk, garage, and fencing, you want it to also look as good as possible and not end up being something a buyer has to work at to overlook. You can easily power wash the cement sidewalk, porch, garage flooring, and driveway so it looks clean and fresh.

If there are some oil stains, you can put liquid laundry detergent and cat litter on them. Allow it to sit for a bit then scrub the area. Use the power washer and go over it well. This will significantly lighten the stains up. Your garage should be clean with working light fixtures.

The fence should be in good shape and repaired if it currently has issues. If it is in need of paint then it won't take much time or money to just go over the fence with a coat or two of paint to get it looking like a real asset.

3: Get new appliances 

If you have unsightly appliances or ones that have problems then you may be able to have them replaced by your home warranty so you don't even have to come out of pocket for their replacement.

However, if you do need to pay for the replacement appliances, you can get nice refurbished ones that go with the rest of the kitchen and which look better and work better than your current ones. Some good places to look for such appliances would be appliance stores in the refurbished sections, estate sales and through online or in print sales ads.

While you may have been hoping to simply sell your home as is, you may find there is no way to do this while asking the price you want. If you are set on getting as much as possible and you are hoping to sell it fast, then the three tips above can be a big help. To learn more, contact your real estate agent.