Single-Family Home Vs. Condo

9 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When deciding on the type of dwelling you want to start looking for, it's helpful if you go out there already knowing a lot about the pros each offers to those who live in them. Here are some of the pros of both condos and single-family homes:

The pros of single-family home living

Space – If you like the idea of having a dwelling and a yard completely separate from your neighbors, then this is what you get when you choose to buy a single-family home. You can purchase one in a regular neighborhood, one in a neighborhood where the neighbors are further away, and even one that is on a lot of acreage and you're far from the next neighbor.

Choices – When you buy a single-family home, you won't usually have to answer to anyone with regards to the exterior colors or landscaping. You can make all your own decisions about the upkeep to your own yard, as long as you aren't going against city ordinances or violating other laws. You can put up a fence, work on a car in the yard, and put up a trampoline if you want to, and you won't have to get prior approval from a homeowner's association before doing these things.

The pros of condo living

Security – There is an added sense of security when you live in a condo community, and this is true for a few different reasons. First of all, most condo communities will either have security guards that patrol or they will have a neighborhood watch program set up. Condo communities are also set up with all the neighbors being close, and this means if you scream for help, there is a good chance of someone hearing your plea and acting accordingly to get you help.

Homeowner's association - While you will need to pay monthly dues into the HOA, you also get to reap the many benefits that come in the way if a well-kept community and amenities all residents can enjoy like pools, lit walkways, playgrounds, and more.

Compact living environment – Condos, like those offered by The RandelleGreen Group, tend to be designed in a way that gives you everything you need in a home without wasted square footage and huge yards. Cutting down on that extra square footage and very large yards makes them easier for you to keep up with. You won't have to do as much up keep and you won't have to spend hours mowing, raking and weeding the yard.