Looking To Improve Security At Your Apartment Building? What To Know

9 November 2017
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If you have been worried about security in an apartment building that you own, and the tenants that lease the building have also suggested that they have concerns, there are changes that you can make around the property for the better. You want to create a safe environment that not only protects the people that are renting the building from others, but that also protects the building that you have invested your money in. Here are some of the things that you want to consider and changes you want to make.

Key Code Building Entry

Do you currently allow all people to get inside the building, but they need to have a key to get into their individual apartments? Look into getting a scanner and key codes for people to use to get into the main door of the building, and then they can use their keys on their own apartments. You can also add these to laundry rooms or private rooms that you have in the building.

Motion Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting that is controlled by movement and lighting will provide you with two major benefits, and you want to put these lights throughout your property and parking lot. The lights provide lighting for people to see getting in and out when it's dark, and can trigger attention by turning on when someone is approaching the building. The motion options instead of lights that shine nonstop are a more economical choice for you as a business owner.

Install Cameras

There are cameras that you can buy and easily install on your own to go around the entrances of the apartment building, and in other areas where you think there are concerns. Purchase these and install them so you can always see what is going on live if you want, and so you can look back through tapes if there was an incident that needs to be investigated.

When you are renting out apartments to other people it's your obligation to make the area as safe as you can, and you want to have a safe building where people want to spend the money to live. The tenants may be willing to pay more money when you features that will keep them safe, and when you invest the money to make the property as safe as it can be for all. Find what security options will work the best for you and your space. Contact a company, like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc for more help.