How to Pack in Logical Steps

8 November 2017
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Often times, packing for a move leads to a mess of disorganization, which makes the move more stressful and overwhelming. In order to prevent this, you want to pack in logical steps. 

1. Follow a Timeline: First off, you need to start packing ahead of time and stick to a schedule that will ensure you are done once the day of the move arrives. Take it one room at time and start with the room that has items you use the least, such as the guest bathroom and bedroom. 

2. Pick a Packing Station: In every room you are packing, you need a packing station where all the moving boxes and supplies will be. This way, everything that is being packed will go here and everything that is being donated or thrown away can be tossed in a pile elsewhere within the room. From here, once you are ready to close up the boxes, you can go to this area and have all your supplies such as tape ready to go. 

3. Schedule Time for Recycling and Donating: Don't forget to schedule some time to donate and recycle items that you aren't bringing with you. After all, you don't want to end up having to take these items with you to your new home, so be sure and get those times scheduled towards the end of the move when you've gone through all the rooms in the house. 

4. Make Adjustments: At the end of each day, check up on your timeline to be sure that it's still going to ensure you are packed by the day of the move. Whenever adjustments need to be made, do so. For example, if there was a task you didn't finish that day, add it to a future day when you aren't as busy, such as when you have only planned to pack a small room in the house. 

5. Get Rid of Distractions: Consider packing up the TV and even your computer if you can first. This is going to minimize distractions and leave you more time during the day to pack because it will be your only small source of entertainment. On top of this, you might even want to put on some music and turn off your phone while working on a moving task for the day. 

When you pack in these logical steps, you are more likely to get through the process quickly. If you're looking to save even more time, consider hiring a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc. Movers can get the job done more quickly without interrupting your own day-to-day life.