Starting Over -- Furnishing An Apartment On A Shoestring

2 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you're facing a move soon that will require you to decorate your new places on a shoestring budget within a short period of time, you're probably experiencing a significant degree of apprehension concerning how you'll pull it off. Here's some more about this topic, including tips and tricks designed to help you furnish your place with the smallest possible impact on your bank account. 

Buy the Best Basics You Can Afford

Skimping on basics such as beds and sofas can seriously compromise your comfort -- and, in the case of beds, can cause you to literally lose valuable sleep. When it comes to household basics, whether it's beds or kitchen equipment, buying the best you can afford will probably save you money in the long run because they won't need to be replaced nearly as often as their inferior counterparts. 

If possible, skimp on household accessories such as curtains, linens, throw pillows, and incidental decor items like throw pillows and rugs. If you still find that your budget falls short for items such as beds, sofas, and chairs, talk to the manager of a local furniture store about possibly purchasing floor models -- you may find that you can receive a substantial discount on beds, sofas, and other furnishings that have been used for display purposes. 

Also, keep in mind that furnishing a garage apartment or other small space requires less pieces of furniture than 

Don't Be Afraid to Buy Secondhand

Buying secondhand can result in serious savings as well, although you should avoid purchasing used mattresses. A better strategy is to buy a quality bedstead from a secondhand store or from a private individual while purchasing the mattress brand new. Mattresses have a relatively short shelf life -- even the best generally don't last longer than 10 years, so pass on used ones unless you happen to run across one that's barely been used. With used mattresses, you also run the risk of introducing mold, dust mites, and bed bugs into your home environment. 

Dressers, desks, and other furniture items can also be bought used, but be sure to inspect them carefully for signs of structural instability. Plates, cups, saucers, and cutlery are all excellent items to purchase second hand, but make sure you buy a brand new coffeemaker if a quality cup of coffee is an important factor in getting your morning started off right. 

Don't Try to Furnish Your New Place All at Once

Purchase what you absolutely have to have in order to ensure your comfort and safety, and let the rest wait. It'll be less overwhelming if you feather your new nest gradually, and you'll also make better purchasing decisions if you aren't feeling rushed.