Set Up These Areas To Impress Visitors Browsing Through Your Home

2 November 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Many people who are trying to sell their homes will go to considerable lengths to clean the residence before people begin to visit it, but may overlook some other duties that can help the property for sale come off favorably. Setting up a series of key areas throughout the home takes some time and can also require some expense, but this work can go a long way toward making your house feel like a home — and give those who visit it a positive feeling. Here are some areas to meticulously set up before people visit.

Dining Room Table

Setting your dining room table can really make this part of your home pop. Instead of just clearing off the table, wiping it down, and then putting a vase of flowers on it, set the table as though you're preparing for a formal dinner party. Use high-class placemats and your fine china and cutlery; if you don't have a fancy set, see if you can borrow a set from a family member or neighbor. Crystal glasses, cloth napkins displayed fancily, unlit candles, and more can all combine to make this area really stand out. Try to match what you do on the table to the season. For a fall sale, use brown and burnt orange napkins and accents.

Edge Of The Bathtub

Cleaning the bathroom is important before people begin to visit your home, as a dirty bathroom can quickly sour people on your house as a whole. Go an extra step by setting up the edge of the bathroom to give it the look that it's waiting for someone to run a relaxing bath. Roll up a towel and a face cloth and place them on the edge of the tub. Set out a fragrant new bar of soap and place it atop the towel, and consider setting a couple candles and a box of matches on the edge of the tub, too. The relaxing scene that you create will encourage people visiting your home to imagine the bliss that comes with bathing in your tub — and, hopefully, they'll see themselves there.

Home Office

If you have a home office, your first priority might be to tidy it up and put everything away that you can. Doing so can be valuable, but it can also make the space appear cold and uninviting. There are a few ways that you can effectively set up a home office before people begin to tour your residence. Since your desk will likely be clear, do something simple such as place a clean pad of paper on the desk with a fancy ballpoint pen sitting atop it. If you have some stylish office supplies, you can also place them accordingly.