Why Hasn't Your House Sold?

31 October 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Leaving a home on the market can disappoint you, especially if you're already dreaming up new plans of another house or moving away to a new town. If your home has not yet attracted anyone who might purchase it, it's time to reassess your situation with your real estate agent and contemplate whether you've made these mistakes.

Pricing it Wrong

The main obstacle to a sale may be your own stubbornness. Your real estate agent might have discussed the asking price with you when the house was first put on the area market. You may have disagreed about the price the agent suggested, expecting more for your home because you saw or heard that you could get much more. Your price might simply be too high and more than others are willing to pay.

Revisit this issue with your agent. Ask them to pull up recent sales and then really look at the differences between them and your house. Your agent will be able to point out differences which could have affected those prices and explain what the smartest price is for your property at this point.

Ignoring the Lawn

The house may be wonderful inside for any family, but if the outside looks awful, it will give people a bad impression before they even enter the building. Spend some money for professional landscaping. It may not be enough to have the grass cut; you may need to seriously consider adding flowers or shrubs and other elements to make the exterior as welcoming and appealing as the indoor space.

Not Making Repairs

If you know that there are minor problems that will need some paint, repair, or other work, don't leave it for the new owner. People already realize that homes need to be maintained, but they may not want to do it right after they buy a new place. Make needed repairs unless you're willing to offer a reasonable cut in price to cover those things.

Ignoring Your Quirky Decor

Your position may be that your family still lives in the house, so quirky design choices like fuchsia kitchen walls or death metal band posters should stay where they are. However, quirky tastes can easily be off-putting to the people who are thinking about whether your house is their new home. Try to keep things as neutral as you can; remove questionable items and paint the walls white or beige, for instance.

Some changes, like those here, can turn your "for sale" house into one that's sold. Talk through the situation more with your local real estate agent.